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5 Easy Steps To Implement Feng Shui In Your Office/Home

Feng shui has been around for thousands of years, but it’s still very relevant today because it helps us understand how our surroundings impact our lives, whether we realize it or not! By using Feng Shui principles in the workplace, you’ll make small changes to promote better health and increase productivity among employees.

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice that requires you to pay attention to how your environment impacts your life. Using Feng Shui in the office or home will help improve energy flow and create more harmony within your space.

Here Are 5 Easy Steps To Get Started With Implementing Feng Shui Into Your Work Space.

  1. Analyze the layout of your house/office.
  2. Organize your office, set up desks and chairs properly at the right angles, use appropriate colors on walls, decorate artfully to make it look beautiful yet organized.
  3. Arrange all important items in the correct location- for example, within arms reach. Keep frequently used items near you/in easy reach so that you do not have to keep getting up repeatedly for mundane everyday tasks or routine chores, which can be done with minimal effort if they are kept close by. Also, arrange objects you want to be visible prominently rather than hiding them behind other things where they are out of sight but still occupying valuable space in your storage area. For example, if you want to be recognized/noticed for your creativity, all the creative materials you used in projects can be placed in prominent locations – like on top of your desk or cabinet where they are visible to everyone or near your work area.
  4. Keep attractive items like flowers, figurines, and good photos within sight but not cluttered together- like one flower vase with a fresh bouquet placed artfully on your table or near your bedside; one photo frame placed prominently; etc.
  5. Look at the flow of chi (energy) around you- this can be done by holding water in cupped hands and rotating it around yourself clockwise several times like you are mixing cake batter then throwing it out into the air and seeing where the water goes and/or you can simply walk around your house/office and see if there are any blockages of chi (energy) by furniture, windows, doors which can obstruct energy flow or cause stagnation.

Once you have recognized these few principles like keeping things within reach to avoid unnecessary tasks that require much effort; arranging objects in such a way that they attract attention; keeping good artwork and attractive items easily visible; looking out for energy flow, which should be clockwise because it’s the direction of chi energy movement- all this will make your space like an oasis of peace and harmony with minimal stress. Objects arranged properly, well lit up, and a pleasant atmosphere created by appropriate artistic decorating will give you peace of mind and will make work easy & joyful.