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I once was a Tour Guide London and Rome

My best girlfriend and I were headed to Israel for the second time. But this time was different, we took the husbands along. I like to pack as much into a trip as I can. So why not stop in London and Rome on the way to Israel? I wanted the husbands to see what we (my friend and I …

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Paradise Defined

Can anyone say they have lived in Paradise? It may be a Paradisiac place…. As a child, my Father being a pastor, we moved a lot. I remember moving to North Michigan at age eight.  Wow, it was Paradise to me!  A  HUGE YARD!  No cemetery!!  (Our previous home had a cemetery for a backyard).  No fast cars on our …

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One of my favorite holiday trips is a 30 mile, 2 and 1/2 day drift down a stretch of the Delaware River, with two nights camping out on the islands.   Along the way, we fish for a variety of fish:  brown trout in the spring, walleyes and small mouth bass spring through fall. The key to River fishing is using …

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