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5 Trends to Expect for Kitchen Decor this Year

Is your kitchen looking a little outdated? Is it time for an update to match the decor of your home or better suit its function? We’ve compiled 5 trends you should expect to see in kitchens this year. Read on below if any of these sound like something you want!

For a long time, the kitchen has been simply an area for cooking. But over the years, it has been used more often as a recreational space. This means that kitchens are becoming increasingly important to interior design trends. Let’s see some of the most anticipated trends of today.

#1 – Dark Tones And Contrasting Colors

White or light tones have long dominated Kitchens due to their connection with purity and cleanliness. However, there is the latest trend towards using darker tones such as black and burgundy red. This allows for contrast with colorful accents such as decorative painting designs on cabinets and stained glass tiles on countertops, creating stunning visuals when seen from different angles.

#2 – Grouping Of Appliances

Appliances are often placed randomly in the kitchen, making it hard to imagine where different pieces fit into the overall space. Therefore, it is anticipated that kitchens will have a more cohesive look with all appliances in one easy-to-see place to create an organized and beautiful room.

#3 – Stripes on Walls

An interesting new trend is painting stripes on kitchen walls or wallpaper featuring zigzagging patterns or multiple colors. This allows for more exciting designs without being too overwhelming.

#4 – Smarter Technology Integration

The introduction of smart technology will allow users to connect appliances via Wi-Fi through an Android or iOS app, which will enable users to have greater control over their appliances. For example, you will be able to turn the oven on remotely before leaving work or run a load of laundry mid-day while still at work. This technology also allows for better integration with home security systems so that the house can be automatically locked and alarm activated when no one is at home.

#5 – More Natural Materials

Concrete and wood cabinets are becoming increasingly popular due to their appealing visuals and durability, resulting in longer-lasting kitchens. However, these require more maintenance than traditional cabinets made from laminate or MDF panels, but it is well worth it as they provide a classic rustic look that perfectly fits most bathrooms.

Ending Note

Trends in kitchen decor can change quickly, but these five trends are likely to cling around for the foreseeable prospect. From color schemes and materials to layouts and appliances, there’s no time like now to start brainstorming ideas for your next renovation or remodel project!