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How To Improve Your Living Space With Feng Shui

So you want to improve your living space with Feng Shui, but you don’t know where to start? I’m here to help.

Everyone wants a great living space, and who doesn’t want their space to look nice constantly? Who doesn’t want everything laid out in an aesthetically pleasing manner?

I’ve got good news! While it might take some time for results to show up completely, here are some basic steps that can be applied quickly. Let’s go!


First and foremost, we need to establish the path of Qi (energy). Qi follows the flow of your ceiling and walls, which is why sometimes having an awkward room shape can be a real pain. We want everything to flow well and make sense, like a good story. All you need for this step is something as simple as a string or dental floss (nothing that will damage your walls). Just drape it across the top edge of each wall (usually right beneath the ceiling) with a little bit of space in between them. Then take your time and visualize the path of Qi, following it with your eyes as you walk around the room (and do this slowly !).

By doing this, we’re able to achieve better circulation, leading to better sleep and more opportunities for good luck. We want things flowing nicely and calmly, not stagnate or turbulent.

Feng Shui Furniture

First off, let’s make sure all our furniture has a purpose within the room! That might sound like an obvious concept, right? Well, I know someone who had their couch “off-centered” in his living room because he enjoyed sitting there. I guess that’s one way of looking at it…

We don’t want anything to go “unused.” That might sound a bit extreme, but the more we have things slowing down the Qi flow, diverting it from its natural path, the less beneficial our room will be. Remember: simplicity is key.

Secondly, let’s make sure all our furniture has a resting spot! You’ve probably heard of the Eight Mansions before – this system relates each piece of furniture with an area of fortune or misfortune depending on where you place it within your house.

We don’t want any bad stuff happening in our homes, so keep these two things in mind.


While we have a clear path of Qi, let’s make sure to decorate our walls with paintings and calligraphy that will positively impact our lives! You don’t necessarily need a Kuan Yin hanging above your bed (but it doesn’t hurt!) I wish these pictures could do the following pieces justice, but hopefully, you get the idea:

Take a look at some galleries or museums and try to find something that speaks to you personally – after all, Feng Shui is about improving yourself as well! If going this route isn’t your thing, try finding some mandalas online and printing them out, cutting them down into small pieces, and pasting them across your wall. It sounds a bit weird, but it works!


We all need oxygen to survive, so let’s place some plants around the room! Having something green is uplifting and can help improve our moods just by looking at it. So why not bring a little nature into your room?

Be A Good Roomie

Finally, last but not least: be considerate of those who share your living space with you! If you have pets or children (or both ), make sure they’re not blocking the path of Qi! That no blocking doorways, walkways, or even the home’s entrance.

That about wraps it up! This is a long-term guide, but each tip does play an important role in Feng Shui. I wish you all good luck improving your living space with Feng Shui.