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I once was a Tour Guide London and Rome

My best girlfriend and I were headed to Israel for the second time. But this time was different, we took the husbands along. I like to pack as much into a trip as I can. So why not stop in London and Rome on the way to Israel? I wanted the husbands to see what we (my friend and I on a mission trip) had already seen- Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey, the Eye, fish and chips, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle and the Queen (but she couldn’t see us that day).

Well, we had an eight-hour layover in London to complete these excursions. Surely, we can do it all! So many weeks ahead I scheduled the Stonehenge tour two hours after we landed in South Hampton. Oh, this will be good! The Norwegian airlines landed late, and the train was not fast enough, and the rain came down hard, and we made it just as the tour bus was leaving. The Tour Bus to Stonehenge doesn’t come back for you. Now what? There was a small eating place near the bus terminal. So, for breakfast we ate bangers and eggs scones and sulked in disappointment. So, what do you do in the rain in London?

You ride a double decker bus around London and see the sights. We scheduled a tour of Westminster Abbey and walked over all the graves of famous people and authors. My friend laid his umbrella down and the sun came out because we prayed in the Abbey and wondered if the bus to Stonehenge had had an accident, and we missed it. Thank you, Jesus! We rode the EYE and saw all of London, ate delicious fish and chips and coke with no ice! We scheduled a trip to Windsor Castle and the rain came down again! We lost our friends on the tour, and the flag was up so the Queen was in the Castle (but she couldn’t see us that day)!

So, by the time we got back to London from the tour, we decided we better not take the train to the airport, we better hire a taxi and we retrieved our luggage from the lockers, just made it to the Norwegian plane. Whew! (To be continued to Rome)