One of my favorite holiday trips is a 30 mile, 2 and 1/2 day drift down a stretch of the Delaware River, with two nights camping out on the islands.   Along the way, we fish for a variety of fish:  brown trout in the spring, walleyes and small mouth bass spring through fall.

The key to River fishing is using a light rod with line rated at four pound test and a collection of Mepps #2 spinner baits.   All of the fish mentioned above will respond to Mepps #2 baits.

Trout like a little blue and red color on the Mepps spinner blade.

Small mouth bass and walleye respond nicely to a presentation of Mepps #2 bronze or brass spinner blades, with a small red plastic space bar near the treble hook.

As one drifts in a canoe or boat, casting diagonally down stream towards the river bank so that the lure lands near a boulder, or in some faster moving water near the shore is key.   Slow retrieval is usually recommended in faster water.

The Mepps #2 lure is light enough for the size of fish on the Delaware River, yet it is heavy enough to cast out some distance with a six foot light tackle rod.  This lure also is heavy enough, so one can feel the action of the retrieve, the strike, and avoid getting it stuck on the river bottom.