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Paradise Defined

Can anyone say they have lived in Paradise? It may be a Paradisiac place…. As a child, my Father being a pastor, we moved a lot. I remember moving to North Michigan at age eight.  Wow, it was Paradise to me!  A  HUGE YARD!  No cemetery!!  (Our previous home had a cemetery for a backyard).  No fast cars on our street!  Lots of SNOW!  Lots of Kids. One Catholic family had 8 girls and then a boy!!   One family was the Redmen’s and they had a red Mustang!  The car looked weird.  And a girl from Detroit moved in and she was a Blessington!  Lots of girls in the neighborhood and three cute boys.

My Dad bought me a “paperboy special” bike with big 26 inch wheels. Wow, I learned to ride and ride and ride all over town. That was a corner of Paradise!

Then I learned to fly a kite and with many tries, it went out a mile (to me). And my Dad flew in a little plane and that was a corner of Paradise. Have you ever played on a snow hill and built tunnels in the snow and skied down a hill and looked at snowflakes under a tiny microscope that got out of a cereal box? That is a corner of Paradise.

Have you ever skated on your own skating rink or swung from a huge silver maple on a rope or tapped the tree to get the sap to make silver maple syrup?  Or boiled the sap for hours until the wallpaper fell off the wall.. Then My MOM made my DAD buy a propane stove to boil the sap in the garage!

And have you ever gathered eggs from your own 11 hens and a rooster to eat for breakfast? Have you ever caught a sunfish and several perch and threw back the sunfish and ate the perch or caught fish through a hole in the ice in a shanty and skated on the ice!  Wow, this is a corner of Paradise.

Then I had to grow up and learn to drive a car and fight off the boys, and boys and boys. Then I met THE BOY in Kodiak, Alaska where my sister lived and I worked in a salmon cannery. (That was not paradise). But the Beauty of Nature there was half of Paradise. Glimpses. Glimpses. Then someday I will see JESUS and that will be HEAVEN!    Marcia