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Kitchen Planning: How To Avoid Decorating Mistakes

The kitchen’s functionality and design are vital for creating a comfortable atmosphere in your house. If you do not pay enough attention to it, you could end up with an inconvenient layout that will take away your comfort and convenience! Here are a few things that may ruin a perfectly functional kitchen:

Things You Should Not Do

Cluttered countertops can lead to many accidents. Keep everything clean and tidy to reduce risks of getting injured from knives or other sharp items when preparing food. The same rule applies to any space in your home where you prepare food. Don’t let the mess get on the floor – install trays under all kinds of appliances and utensils to catch falling food particles.

Dried paint, spilled juice, or other home furnishings can ruin countertops and cabinets. They will be challenging to clean, and if not promptly washed off, they may become porous, causing the material underneath to deteriorate faster. You can prevent this by covering all surfaces with a DIY laminate film, which you can easily remove when needed. If some liquid is spilled on the surface of your kitchen, wipe it away immediately with a cloth or napkin so that water doesn’t soak into the deeper layers of kitchen cabinet doors where more severe damage may appear later on!

Improper storage is one more thing that might lead to an untidy environment in your kitchen. Overcrowded cupboards are annoying to work with. You can solve this issue with additional storage that will free up your kitchen space and, at the same time, keep everything in order. If you are designing a new kitchen, think about installing pull-out shelves for easy access to food items. They are easier to clean than regular cupboards, have smaller dimensions, so they fit better under countertops or in small spaces, plus allow you to see what’s inside at all times.

Improper placement of appliances is another way of spoiling your kitchen design. It might seem insignificant initially, but it may turn out to be inconvenient when you try using some utensils or appliances and don’t find them easily. We suggest placing major appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and stoves near the center of your kitchen so you can reach them from all sides.

If you need some extra space in the cupboard but do not want to throw away expensive plates and glasses just yet, we suggest installing hidden storage – a wooden box that can be opened by simply sliding it out of the wall. Also, you might find it useful if you don’t have much money for fancy decorations and want an inexpensive solution that looks professional and helps keep your house organized. Drill enough holes on one of the walls using a laser level, so they are even, install hooks inside these holes and put up some shelves. Your new storage is ready!

Some people prefer working with traditional dark tiles or cabinets. Still, if you want your kitchen to look warm and cozy, you should not hide all the details – show off what you have! You can arrange a surprise for your guests – install concealed LED lighting inside cabinets or drawers. As long as the light is turned on, nobody will know that they are looking at a regular piece of furniture.

These are just a few mistakes that could ruin your kitchen design and functionality, but if you use common sense when dealing with this project, hire a professional designer who knows what they’re doing.