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Choosing Living Room Furniture

You can describe your living room as the heart of your home, and only a few people would counter it. The living room serves as a common area in most homes, giving all occupants a place to lounge, watch TV or even work from home.  

Taking time to choose the furniture for this space where you and other family members will spend a lot of time together is important. Your living room furniture should represent your style, and serve the purpose but not bore a hole in your pocket. 

If you’re looking to buy furniture for your living room, below are some important things to consider to ensure you buy the perfect piece for your home.

1. Which Living Room Furniture do you Want?

Your style and preferences can impact how you design your living room, which determines the type of furniture that will fit. Over the years, contemporary furniture has overshadowed the traditional three-piece suit with a matching set of coffee tables and wood cabinets.

You can opt for older pieces and mid-century designs if you don’t want your living room to look like a particular era. Regardless of the era, you want your living room to look like, ensure the furniture is comfortable.

A good option is to opt for the same wood type and think about the furniture outlines. Getting furniture with details of material or color can give you a matching furniture selection. 

Choosing Living Room Armchairs and Sofas

You have to decide on an armchair and sofa configuration that best suits your living room. Setting up a corner sofa can zone your seating area, and you can add a chaise end for a relaxing area.

You can create a more flexible option. For example, you can place a pair of sofas at a right angle for a more social arrangement or with a pair of matching sofas facing each other, your living room can have a more formal feel.

Armchairs can serve as a statement piece or solo seating area. If you have unmatching furniture in a seating formation around a coffee table, an armchair can complete the formation.

Choosing Living Room Upholstery

The furniture for your living room upholstery has to fit your lifestyle. You need to consider the amount of sunlight entering the living room, level of use, children, and pets in your home.

Leather upholstery is durable but it creases and stretches. Upholstery with quality lined material won’t fade easily, while cotton is hard-wearing. Silk is opulent but easily gets damaged by the sun and requires frequent cleaning. Wool upholstery is naturally dirt-repellant and comfortable.

Upholstery with protective finishing is a better option if you have pets and children. Check that your preferred upholstery fabric has high thread counts, woven patterns, and tight weaves.