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How To Improve Your Business With Feng Shui


Feng Shui is the art and science of using your environment to enhance your life. You can use it to create a better business as well.


The first thing you need to do for your business is to keep it as positive as possible. This means that you will need to clear out any negative energy that might be lingering around or inside of your business, such as old paperwork or other items that have been hanging around too long (you can go through and throw away all this stuff if necessary). Try clearing out the negativity by setting up good feng shui in your office – making sure there are plenty of plants and flowers, getting rid of any clutter, and generally keeping the place clean and nice.


Another good idea for your business is to make sure you have a mirror somewhere inside (ideally near the front door, but any other place will do). To activate this mirror’s positive energy, you might want to put some coins in it or something else shiny. Mirrors are said to activate financial luck. Depending on where your business is located, mirrors can be especially powerful when placed directly across windows. The more sunlight that comes into your office because of the window/mirror combination, the better!

Color Scheme:

You also need to pay attention to what colors are present in your business and how they affect people who come in there. For example, if you’re starting a new business, you might want to think about using a lot of red and pink in the front area since this will encourage people’s passion and drive. In terms of the back area, you might want to use blue or green because they are supposed to make it easier for employees to focus on their work.


Another great idea is adding some rituals whenever possible. If you have a regular client meeting with someone, make sure that you play some good music beforehand (something calming rather than something too exciting) and maybe light some incense before they come into the room. This kind of ritual can increase your business’ luck when done repeatedly over time.

Especially if you’re starting a new business, drawing in positive energy from all around you is the best way to ensure success. This is not only because the energy will help your business stay afloat but also because it can act as a sign to others that your company is guaranteed to succeed.

Feng shui is an age-old practice that can help improve your business in several ways. If you’re looking to increase profits, attract new customers, or create a more positive and productive work environment, consider using some of these feng shui tips in your business. With just a few changes, you may be surprised at how much difference feng shui can make! Have you tried any of these techniques in your own business?