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4 Features To Look For In A New Sofa

Sick of your old sofa? There are plenty of options out there for reasonably priced new sofas. So, to help you find the perfect one, we’ve compiled a list of 4 things to look out for when shopping around.


Comfort is the most important thing to look out for in your new sofa because no matter how nice it looks in the shop, you’ll be stuck with it if it turns into a bed of nails after just a few months. Make sure that the patterned design isn’t too busy before buying – nothing ruins comfort like small bumps digging into your shoulders or arms when you’re relaxing on the couch! Also, avoid anything that feels stiff and unyielding; this may look good for a few weeks, but you’ll be stuck with it.


Durability is another big factor to look out for in your new sofa because, no matter how awesome it looks on first inspection, you might soon find yourself wishing that you’d gone for something more long-lasting. So if the model you’re looking at has had lots of bad reviews about things like loose stitching or unexplained holes appearing randomly all over the place, then it’s probably not worth risking. But if most people are happy with its durability, then it might be worth spending a bit extra!


Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can buy any old piece of furniture and turn it into a new sofa by throwing some cushions on top of it. This just isn’t true! If you’re not careful, the lack of comfort will soon start to get to you, and you’ll never feel relaxed in your own home again. So before splashing out on any old thing that looks vaguely comfortable, make sure that it’s something designed for sitting on – and ask around if possible so you can see what other people think about its comfort level.


Style is another important factor when buying your new sofa because, no matter how nice something looks at first glance, it’s always worth checking out its long-term viability by making sure that it won’t fall out of fashion the moment you buy it. Of course, this goes without saying with things like bags or clothes, which are designed to only last a few months, but many people forget about furniture when looking for an investment piece.